Available now for Windows, Mac and Linux


With Subsideria, we had a vision to reincarnate the arcade classics. We wanted to take everything that we used to love from the retro days, and fuse it with the enhancements and improvements of modern day gaming. The result was Subsideria, a game that feels and plays like a classic, but looks and sounds like a game of today. With additions like bosses, leaderboards, multiple game modes and more, Subsideria does everything the classics could have dreamed of, whilst still staying true to its roots.


-6 unique asteroids to keep you on your toes -10 life saving abilities and power ups -4 intense boss battles -3 game modes with 4 difficulty settings each -Over 70 challenging achievements -Online leaderboards to challenge the world -In game Datalog of Tenebra's secrets



Subsideria boasts an original orchestral soundtrack reminiscent of JRPGs. Each of the 10 tracks was written in studio to perfectly convey an emotion or event; here, we believe music isn't just an accompaniment, but an integral part of telling a story.

  1. Amidst Shadows - 1:40
  2. Beyond The Skies - 4:06
  3. Beyond The Skies (Classic) - 4:06
  4. Death's Door - 4:25
  5. Death's Door (Classic) - 4:22
  6. Void's Gaze - 3:42
  7. Serpent's Lair - 3:10
  8. End Bringer - 3:54
  9. We Will Suffer No More - 3:22
  10. The Time Has Come - 0:44
  11. Emerging Light - 3:43
  12. Forgotten Joy (Exclusive bonus track) - 2:13